Extraordinary, result-oriented service at the interface of science, policy, regulation, and law

Interlex NV provides specialized policy, strategic, legal and regulatory services in the area of chemical regulation, environmental law and regulation, climate change and energy law, product regulation, product stewardship, global supply chain management, sustainability, human rights, corporate social responsibility, ESG, health & safety, and related liability and trade issues.

We focus on developing smart, pragmatic solutions to challenging issues, and facilitating strategy and policy development, process design, and decision-making at the interface of science, policy, regulation and law at European Union, international and national levels.

Over many years, we have acquired extensive experience and expertise in a wide variety of matters. The projects on which we advise invariably present complex challenges and often involve multiple jurisdictions and agencies, including the UN and other international organizations, the EU, and its member states.

Interlex is proud of its capability to assist clients with their most complex scientific, technological, policy, legal and regulatory issues. We consolidate the various dimensions of a problem into integrated advice, solutions, and policy development. Our clients include multinational corporations, SMEs, governments, and non-governmental organizations.